There’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you.

Remember that.

There’s a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you.

Remember that.


My dearest future husband,

My expectations are not of a princess. I do not need all the riches of the world. All I ask is that you are rich with knowledge. Please do not feel threatened by labels and certificates. They mean so much less than the knowledge of Islam I pray you possess. I pray that you’ll be my other half who will help me answer our children’s’ questions when I have no idea what to say. I pray you be there to finish my sentences and teach me where I am lacking, for I know I am.

I do not expect you to be as beautiful as Prophet Yusuf (‘Aalayhi Salam), I will be grateful enough you becoming the light of my eyes. If we were meant for each other, if I am the lucky girl Allah created for you, then I’m sure Allah will bring our hearts together and make us fall in love when we finally meet. How can I expect someone handsome and good looking, when I am but an awkward and clumsy girl.

A Muslimah’s letter written for her future husband, her future partner and the future father to her children. Even though I have yet to meet him, I pray that you are always in the best of health, under Allah’s protection and barakah, no matter where you are. Although there is no way to determine how and where we will meet, my prayers are always with you, so that one day we will find each other under the best of circumstances.

Yes ladies you do have to be pretty to get a husband. But what you girls don’t understand is every guy sees “pretty” in a different way.
Bitternism. (via bawahlangit)



-أجور خلف كلِمات بسيطة-.

Maha Suci Allah.

Allah Maha Besar.

Segala Puji Bagi Allah.

Maha Suci Allah Segala Puji Baginya.

Maha Suci Allah Yang Maha Agung.

Tiada daya upaya dan kekuatan melainkan dengan izin Allah.

Aku mohon ampun dan aku bertaubat kepada Allah.

Selawat dan salam ke atas Nabi Muhammad SAW.

I love you. But i know i have to stay away from you. For our own good.

Just unfriended you on facebook. lol.

know that its not because i hate you, no. I just want to walk away from your life. For good. 

you once said, “I xde benda important nak taw pasal u.”

Well, so i guess its everything you wanted. U want me to get out of your life. Thats why you push me away so hard. u treat me so bad. because u hate me. u dont want me to be in your life anymore.

Hence, i decided. 

know that i still love you. hard. 



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